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If a married couple could only salvage one item while fleeing their burning home, most would choose their wedding album. Photos are priceless, celebrating a time in your life where you’ve never beenhappier, never looked better and are sharing the most precious moments of your life with the people you love most. I don’t take this responsibility lightly.

My objective is to make you look the best you have ever looked in your life, whilst telling the story of your dream wedding. Of course you can and should have confidence that I’ll capture the precious moments on your big day without direction from you. As you may already know, my style of photography is glamorous, fashionable yet classic, and natural at the same time. To look your best you need my help. I do not pose you on the wedding day; I’ll prompt and direct you in a way that appears natural. The more you respond to my direction the less I’ll get involved. I will not interrupt natural magic but will help create it if the need arises.

I photograph your wedding with the end result of your album in mind. Although your initial investment includes a certain amount of sides/pages, I don’t take just enough photographs to fill the pages you have booked. You can never add more images later; on the other hand, if I take enough photographs to fill 100 pages and you only want or can only afford 30 then this is one of the best problems you can have. My challenge is to take the best, most intriguing and evocative photographs on your wedding day. I always rise to this challenge and present you with the wonderful dilemma of having too many gorgeous photographs. Your challenge is to resist buying them all!

I would like to begin production of your album early so you can enjoy sharing your gorgeous photos with your family and friends as soon as possible after your wedding. Once the album design is completed, I will post it online for you to view. You will have two full round of changes (at no charge) to make sure it is what you want.  Many couples would not know where to begin to choose or design their dream wedding album. You have booked and trusted me to create some beautiful images on your wedding day. Please trust me to create an album that you, your family and friends will enjoy for years. I will design what I believe to be the best album possible with your photographs. The album that I will propose to you is indicative of what my display albums look like. The proposal is offered to you as a guide only. With your taste and budget in mind the album can be refined as you see fit.

You are not limited to purchasing a specific number of pages. You always have the option of adding additional pages in order to customize and complete your perfect wedding album. Each page includes unlimited images, art work, re-touching and design. I certainly can produce a beautiful album to fit your initial investment but I encourage you to keep your options open and budget for some extra sides/pages. Most couples will end up with a 30-36+ sided album.

Once we have your final approval on your perfect wedding album you are required to pay the balance up front for any upgrades. Once this payment is made we will then begin production. Your album will take up to 16 weeks to complete (depending on the time of year).  We ask for creative license when making the finer adjustments to your album. I’ll treat select images with effects that will maximize their full potential. The most common effects I use that are included in the price are black and white, sepia, basic retouching and our sought after artist prints. These affects are used if they suit the image and not for the sake of it. Sometimes designs that have been agreed on can be improved even more so and to do this freely requires your support. Hindsight is a luxury that we would like to take advantage of.